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Yes. I know someone already did this with Julia Childs!

20 Nov

But sometimes it’s so much easier to adapt someone else’s idea than to try and come up with your own.  So that being said, let’s move on.

I’ve always loved to bake ever since I was a little girl growing up in Ireland which is quite surprising since my Mum didn’t particularly bake a lot and my Grandmother was living in another country (England).  There was no one around to show me what to do but I was given loads of encouragement and children’s cook books.  That is until the Nuns got a hold of me during Home Economics in Secondary School and then it all came together for me.  I love to bake.  I can cook but I love to bake!

So now, many years later, I find myself living on the other side of the World (Vancouver, Canada) with a fulfilling but stressful career, a wonderful husband and two young daughters who I am determined to teach to bake.  And how do I find myself deciding to relax each weekend … I bake.

But how did all of that lead me to Mary Berry and this blog.  Well for those of you not on the British side of the Atlantic there is a television program called “The Great British Bake-Off”.  It’s the American Idol or Canada’s Got Talent of the British Baking world where amateur bakers compete to be crowned the winner.  Week after week of challenges from cakes to breads to pies to tarts, they bake and their baking is judged.  And the judges are professional baker Paul Hollywood and the cookery writer Mary Berry.  Mary has written over 40 cook books but since I was introduced to this wonderous lady through her baking superiority, I chose the “Mary Berry’s Baking Bible” as my guide for this particular journey.

Now the book states that there are “over 250 recipes” but I only counted 212 (the quick tips and variations must be included in the editor’s count).  So 212 is the number I am using (I’m sure no-one will have a problem, right?)

I also want to get it out there at the very beginning that there is no copyright infringement intended with this blog and urge you to purchase Mary’s wonderful book at, or your local neighbourhood book store.

And so without further waffling … let’s bake!